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10 February 2022 - 9:40am

66th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66)

The United Nations (UN) Commission on the Status of Women is the principal global intergovernmental body dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. CSW66 will take place 100% online from 14 to 25 March 2022 under the priority theme, “achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls in the context of climate change, environmental and disaster risk reduction policies and programmes”.

Given the virtual nature of the CSW66, the typically imposed maximum number of 20 delegates from ECOSOC accredited Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) has been waived again by UN Women this year. GWI members who would like to participate in the CSW66 are required to create an Indico account HERE, then register for the CSW66 session. GWI will approve members only; non-members will not be admitted to the GWI registry. Proof of membership will be required before approval is granted. GWI members can register for the CSW66 sessions until 28 February 2022. Approved registrants will receive direct email communications about CSW-related activities, events, and updates leading up to and during the session. 

The NGO CSW Forum is the civil society side of the CSW66. The Forum is free and runs parallel to the official UN CSW66 session taking place via the UN Headquarters. The Forum will be held 100% virtual this year. The Forum provides civil society the opportunity to interact with each other via social and parallel events held as part of CSW66.  Registration for the Forum is now open and is free. Click HERE to register for the Forum and its hundreds of parallel events hosted by leading women and girls’ experts and those who are on the grassroots level around the world.  After registering, GWI invites you to watch this participants video

GWI CSW66 Parallel Events
Gendered Dimensions of Corruption and Its Impact in Gender Inequality
GWI, in cooperation with Women’s United Nations Report Network, will present expert panellists including the UN Office of Drugs and Crime, Transparency International, and U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, who will address the gendered dimensions of corruption and the unique ways women experience corruption. The parallel event will be held 18 March 2022, 8-9:30am Eastern Daylight-Saving Time. Register in advance for this meeting:–_S_

Climate Crisis and Education: A Women’s Voice Included 
To describe the global climate situation as it relates to education, GWI representatives from five diverse regions will tell their country’s story regarding the climate crisis and related sustainability concepts. A future perspective will be presented by GWI young women as eco-anxiety is high among young people. GWI experts on the role of education in the current teaching on climate crises and environmental migration regarding women and girls will be presented. The parallel event supports GWI’s CSW66 written statement, the accomplishment of SDG 13 to achieve SDG 4, and UNESCO’s urging that environmental education a core curriculum subject by 2025. The parallel event will be held 22 March 2022, 4-5:30pm Eastern Daylight-Saving Time. Register in advance for this meeting:

Young Women and Climate Action: Educating a Climate Conscience Generation 
Graduate Women International Young Member Network will present a panel of experts to share their views based on research and a strong database on the role of young women in contributing towards climate action as well as on how education plays a vital role in raising a climate conscious generation. Experts will also provide highlights of actions already taken and recommendations for the future. The parallel event will be held 24 March 2022, 8-9:30am Eastern Daylight-Saving Time.  Register in advance for this meeting: