GWNZ National Executive

Our purpose is to empower women through education.

GWNZ Constitution and By-Laws, 2016 establish how we work as an entity; outlining our aims, membership, AGM, Council and National Executive etc.

The aims of GWNZ are:

  • to promote understanding and co-operation among graduate women resident in New Zealand;
  • to represent and act for graduate women in matters in which they as an organisation are interested;
  • to encourage research work by graduate women;
  • to promote, through affiliation with Graduate Women International (hereinafter called GWI), understanding and friendship among the graduate women of the world, irrespective of their race, religion or political opinions and thereby to further their interests and develop between their countries sympathy and mutual helpfulness;
  • to encourage the full application of the knowledge and skills of graduate women to the problems which arise at all levels of public life, whether national, regional, or worldwide; and to encourage their participation in the solving of these problems.

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