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23 April 2020 - 5:14pm

April 23 is Book Day and Girls in ICT Day

GWI promotes Girls in ICT

In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and beginning recovery phases, Graduate Women International (GWI) continues to raise awareness about the rights and challenges of extraordinary women and girls everywhere.  Such marvels include women authors. On 23 April, World Book and Copyright Day, GWI takes the opportunity to admire exceptional GWI women who paved the way in literature.  The GWI publication, “Inspiring a Vision: Pioneers and Other Women” showcases GWI women from literary pioneers to those whose mark forever changed science. Additionally, to mark World Book and Copyright Day, GWI produced a modern infographic with noteworthy facts about women authors today such as books written by women authors published by  major publishers cost on average 45% less than books written by men. World Book and Copyright Day is an international day to celebrate the value of knowledge and reading. In 1995, UNESCO decided to create this Day of Observance as a tribute to authors and books on 23 April, the anniversary of the deaths of prominent authors such as William Shakespeare, Miguel Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (UNESCO). GWI observes this day to highlight the literary achievements of women all over the world as well as emphasise the need to continue promoting increased female literacy for women’s empowerment.  We encourage you to share this infographic and GWI Inspiring a Vision link with your local and national networks as a way to bring notice to the contributions by women to our world of books. 


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April 23 is also Girls in ICT Day