Carolyn Dean

Thanks to the support of GWNZ, I’m undertaking a Masters in Technological Futures through Futures Lab in Auckland.  It’s a less traditional field for women that blends emerging, disruptive technologies with new models of business and entrepreneurship.  The idea is to disrupt the old and innovate pathways for a better future, using technology as a tool for good.  Students in this course don’t always have a predefined trajectory, it’s about being open to learning through immersion in real world environments, then being inspired to a project that meets a real need.  

Academically, my background is in applied science.  I have a BAppSci, double majoring in Communication and Environmental Management.  My academic high point came in 2017 when an international equivalency evaluation for the US scored my Grade Point Average (GPA) at a 4.0 (good enough to apply to Harvard in theory), so the hours of agonising over every word in every essay had finally paid off!   

The highlight of my career was speaking internationally in 2018 and 2019 as a thought leader at the Global Association of Change Management professionals, sharing leadership tools to help change managers support their people through change.   

I’ve been self employed since 2005, delivering contracts across environmental management, education, training and development, as well as investing in rental property and a term on local council on the side.  While travelling overseas a few years ago, I became a research assistant at the University of Malta’s enterprise start-up incubator, and more recently I’ve been putting my environmental auditing experience to good work as a Healthy Home consultant back here in New Zealand.  This work is especially focused on indoor air quality (IAQ) and the impact of cold, damp homes and shared air spaces in New Zealand.  It comes at a hugely important time as we attempt to recover from the impacts of Covid and the Covid response, physically, emotionally and financially.    

I’m looking forward to becoming part of GWNZ and hugely grateful for their support and belief in women to make a positive impact out there - the possibilities for a better future are truly unlimited.