GWNZ Fellowship, 2020

Erana Kaa

  Erana is studying for PhD in Fine Arts at Massey University.

The aims of Erana’s research are to extend the existing approach to Māori apparel design, elevate the role of Kaikaranga and validate Māori ritual protocols pertaining to women. As this will be a practice based PhD project, the research methodology will include contextualised creative outcomes, contributing to the field of apparel design. The research is based on relevant literature, interviewing karanga experts and recording and witnessing karanga (research in action). The research and praxis will evolve as a duality. The exegesis, will document the conceptualisation of new understanding. Following her doctoral studies, Erana intends to teach and mentor other practitioners to reclaim their cultural identity through the Arts. She would like to see the impact of her research be the creation of clothing that celebrates the identity of Māori women within a contemporary globalised practise by; extending existing Māori apparel design with its privileging of customary pattern, by applying a more conceptual and less literal aesthetic; elevate the role of Kaikaranga and validate Māori ritual protocols by creating women’s apparel that is specifically designed for the function of the karanga.

Read about Erana’s progress and see her art work