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29 August 2023 - 6:40pm

Graduate Women International - Newsletter, August 2023

Bridging the link between GWI and GWNZ over a recent dinner: Patrice Wellesley-Cole, GWI President, and our esteemed Dr. Shirley Gillett, Convener of International Relations, GWNZ NE.

Refer to the GWI newsletter (16 August 2023) to stay informed about the latest developments in GWI's efforts to empower women and promote quality education.

GWI Newsletter

GWI, founded in 1919, is the leading international non-governmental organization of women graduates advocating for the advancement of women and girls’ rights, equality, and empowerment through safe access to quality education and lifelong training up to the highest levels whose purpose is to: promote lifelong education for women and girls. Promote international cooperation, friendship, peace, and respect for human rights for all, irrespective of their age, race, nationality, religion, political opinion, gender, sexual orientation, or other status and in many other areas.