Graduate Women Wellington - First in Family Scholarship


$5,000 + tuition fees up to $5,000




01 May 2022


15 November 2022


This Scholarship will be open to female students who are the 'first in family' to attend University. First in family is classed as the first person from the student's known family history (excluding step family members) to attend University study.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must:

  • be the first in their family (excluding step family) to attend university
  • have University Entrance or equivalent
  • be enrolling in full time study at Victoria University of Wellington in the year following application
  • be younger than 25 years on 1 December in the year of application
  • be New Zealand Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • be currently enrolled at a Secondary School and reside in the Greater Wellington Region

Selection criteria

Graduate Women Wellington shall have regard not only to the academic ability of the candidate, but also to factors such as character, leadership, community service and contributions to cultural and/or sporting activities. Graduate Women Wellington shall select scholars who display promise for the future and who will make the most of the opportunities presented by this award. Preference will be given to students who, because of financial hardship, may not otherwise be able to undertake a University degree.

Award History

Graduate Women Wellington (GWW) recognises the need to encourage the next generation of women to fulfill their potential and get amongst the best. They see this goal being fulfilled by assisting a female student who is 'first in the family' to attend university. They appreciate the value of providing a supportive environment where a student is mentored and equipped with life and work experience whilst studying.