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01 May 2019 - 3:45pm

GWI raises awareness of the importance of education for young girls

“Baba, mujhay sona aur chaandi nahin, kitaab aur qalam la kar do” – “Father, don’t bring me silver or gold, bring me a book and a pen.” Messages spreading awareness on girls’ education like this one have been making their way through Kohistan’s steep mountains, narrow valleys and bridges, and into classrooms.

In Pakistan, UNESCO has initiated the use of ‘truck art’ in order to raise awareness of girls’ education in the Kohistan district. Truck art is a blend of murals and painted scenes on trucks which are seen by many during its travels. One of the messages painted on the trucks is “Ilm taaqat hai”, which translates to “Education is power.” Today, GWI and GWNZ stand with girls to develop their skills now and reach their full potential, through education.