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17 September 2023 - 2:56pm

GWNZ Newsletter: April 2023

Tena koe e hoa

Welcome to the Graduate Women New Zealand newsletter for April 2023.
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At Graduate Women New Zealand, we pride ourselves on creating a supportive community passionate about promoting education, equity, and empowerment for women and girls. We believe that by working together, we can make a real difference in the world. I am proud to share that we have been supporting women since 1921, what an achievement!

One of the unique aspects of Graduate Women of New Zealand is the volume of scholarships that we offer to many women in the community who are investing in themselves through their studies. As an organisation, we believe education is a powerful tool for empowering women and promoting gender equality.
Graduate Women of New Zealand offers national and branch (regional) scholarships for women at various levels of study and research. These scholarships are designed to help assist women in pursuing their academic and professional goals financially. 
In addition to our national scholarships, we also offer branch (regional) scholarships specific to each local branch. These scholarships are a great way for members to connect with other graduate women in their region and support each other in their academic pursuits.
Through these scholarships, we have supported countless women in achieving their academic and professional goals. We are proud of the impact that we have had on these women's lives, and we are committed to continuing to offer these opportunities in the years to come.
If you are a woman pursuing higher education, we encourage you to explore our scholarship offerings and apply for any that are relevant to your field of study. We believe that investing in women's education is one of the most effective ways to create positive change in our society, and we are committed to doing our part in making that change a reality. Our scholarships are a testament to our commitment to promoting education and empowering women, and we are proud to offer these opportunities to women throughout New Zealand.
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Nga mihi nui,
Sally Dunbar,
President, Graduate Women New Zealand

CLICK HERE to see the April 2023 issue