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25 March 2023 - 9:18pm

Hua Dai: The lived experience of bereaved parents of children murdered in intimate partner violence

10 for 10.30am

06 April 2023


Robertson Room, St Peter’s Church, 11 Killarney Street, Takapuna

Hua Wonder Dai is Senior Lecturer of Academic Development at Unitec/Te Pukenga and PhD candidate
Following the murder of her son, Wonder, and the brutal assault that left her in a coma for almost a month, Hua made the decision to give a voice to bereaved parents of murdered children
Over several years, she was supported in her recovery by Te Wahi Ora Women’s retreat in Piha as she grieved for her son and then herself
Hua’s PhD aims to help professionals better support Intimate Partner Violence and murder-bereaved parents. She sees her research as a living memory for Wonder and for the women and children murdered in their own home where they should have
felt safe

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