GWNZ Fellowship, 2019

Kate Spill

  Kate Spill is a GWNZ Fellow. She is in her 2nd year of a PhD in Clinical Psychology specialising in Neuropsychology. Her research examines the association of structural brain changes in women after pregnancy with cognitive and behavioural changes.

Kate is currently a second year doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology, Massey University, Wellington. She is researching the neuropsychology of women as contextualized in caregiving practices. She is investigating whether structural brain changes found in women after pregnancy are associated with measurable cognitive and behavioural changes. A secondary aim is to explore how these cognitive changes may be reflected in positive caregiving practices. Kate’s academic life began in the humanities. She gained a Master of Arts (Distinction, English, 1999) from the University of Canterbury after which she embarked on a career in training and development, publishing, elearning platform development, early social media for learning, leadership and organizational development in France, Germany and Aotearoa-New Zealand. Since 2009, Kate has combined caregiving for her young sons with voluntary work and university study. She has gained a Graduate Diploma of Science in Psychology (Victoria University, 2014) and a Bachelor of Science (First class honours, Massey University, 2016). In her future career as a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist, Kate hopes take her professional skills and “heart in the humanities” to make a difference for clients, healthcare organizations and in leadership of women’s and children’s healthcare and wellness policy in public life .

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