GWNZ Susan Byrne Memorial Award, 2020 - 2021

Krystal Paix

Krystal Paix Masters in Resource and Environmental Planning; Massey University Thank you so much for this wonderful news. I am delighted to be the recipient of this award.

My goal is to complete my masters and pursue a career in Resource and Environmental Planning; an avenue I am extremely passionate about. The masters programme is a four year part time degree with Massey University which will equip me with the required skill set to move into the planning sector. I hope to gain an entry level graduate position within the mining or construction sector promoting and guiding sustainable resource use.

Having worked for the Department of Corrections since 2012 it had always been my plan to pursue a long-term career with the service sector. In 2018 I sustained a workplace incident which shattered my left femur above my knee and resulted in me not being able to carry out my role effectively. This has forced me rethink my career options moving forward.