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21 February 2023 - 9:27pm

Member profile: Dr Rose Collis reflecting on girls in science

Member profile: Dr Rose Collis

Recently we celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. It is pleasing to see a growth in women and girls entering into this field of study. Dr Rose Collis (PhD), a member of the Graduate Women Manawatū Branch, is a true inspiration for those considering such a pathway.

Dr Collis has a true passion for science and wanting to provide benefit to the end users. She currently works in microbiology and genomics investigating next-generation sequencing technology and how that can be used for water quality assessments. She comes from a dairy farming background and was inspired to work with groups to improve outcomes for farmers and local groups, like schools, to help them understand and monitor their water.

Dr Collis first became interested in science when she was sudying at high school. She acknowledges that she was lucky to have science teachers who were engaged with ‘real world’ science careers. She has used her knowledge of microbiology to help primary school children overcome the fear generated through the Covid pandemic, emphasising the positive aspects of micro-biology such as cheese production.

In 2022, Dr Collis’s thesis was included on the Massey University Dean’s List of exceptional doctoral theses. Also a recipient of the 2016 Graduate Women Manawatū Post Graduate Scholarship, Dr Collis, encourages others to seek scholarships and awards to help reduce the financial stress during study.

Dr Collis advises others interested in following a science pathway to “give it a go”. She says it’s important to find your passion, to work hard and opportunities will come along.