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28 May 2024 - 11:32pm

Opportunity to attend a Leadership in Social Change event

12th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, from August 6 to 9, 2024.  

GWNZ have been invited to nominate 3 to 5 young leaders to attend this event. The event organisers are looking for young leaders / students who embody the qualities of leadership, compassion, and a commitment to creating positive change. 

Applications close  15 June 2024

If you are interested contact you branch president for the application package

Greetings from Humanitarian Affairs Asia.

Today’s great challenges – climate change, conflict, widening inequalities, socio-economic and geopolitical changes – intensify, while the confluence of social, technological, political and economic megatrends generates unprecedented complexity, uncertainty and disruption. We face an expanding list of bigger, more critical decisions and equally critical opportunities demanding our attention. The consequences of action, or inaction, are greater than ever.

Humanitarian Affairs Asia will host the 12th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, from August 6 to 9, 2024.  About 700+ delegates from 80+ countries are expected to attend this Leadership in Social Change event.

The USLS serves as a distinctive platform for emerging leaders to delve into global issues, hone leadership skills, and contribute meaningfully to a peaceful world where equality and basic rights are protected. We believe that the essence of this symposium aligns seamlessly with your college's vision, aiming to empower students to evolve into compassionate leaders capable of making a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

For detailed information about the program, speakers, and registration fees, we invite you to visit our website or explore the UN ReliefWeb. Click here  for more insights. You may want to review the previous USLS2023 report - 11th USLS 202 at the UN or watch the video documentary -

The highlight of this event includes an exhibition by numerous UN agencies, showcasing their impactful work around the world. This exhibition aims to create awareness among participants about the diverse systems and initiatives undertaken by the United Nations.

Furthermore, workshops conducted by UNEP, UNWOMEN, UNHCR, and IOM during the symposium will delve into specific topics, providing students with practical knowledge, skills, and strategies to address pressing global challenges.

We sincerely appreciate your support in providing this life-changing opportunity to your students who we believe will lead the Change in the World