GWNZ Fellowship 2022-2023

Sarah Sczelecki

I have had the opportunity to research multiple disciplines, however, all have focused on understanding the molecular basis underlying disease Currently, I’m applying these diverse research skills to better understand the molecular changes responsible for ovarian cancer development in mice and humans. My PhD research focusses on utilising a novel model of ovarian cancer, where the precursor lesion has been identified and validated. This model will serve as proof-of-concept that small initial transformations within the ovary can be detected systemically in circulation as potential biomarkers for early disease and how this can translate to human specimens. 

This current research has not only influenced my future career trajectory into gynaecological research but has contributed to a deeper understanding of the ongoing challenges females face in the New Zealand health care system. These experiences are invaluable and have provided the motivation to explore how to better contribute to women’s health advocacy and education in Wellington and across New Zealand.