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14 March 2019 - 2:39pm

Sponsoring the education of girls living in the Astha Home, Nepal

Lynne Hedley gave a presentation to a North Shore branch meeting about the Astha Home in Kathmandu. Displaced girls from Humla live in a supportive environment and their education is funded by charities.

The branch made a donation to support the girls’ education.

Humla is a remote district in Nepal where the impact of poverty and conflict is particularly severe on girls, who can be in danger of being trafficked for the sex trade.

The Astha Home provides a supportive environment for a small group of displaced girls from Humla, and funds their education through school and beyond. Some of the girls have now graduated from school and are continuing their education by training as nurses or teachers. One is now a registered nurse with an 87% pass rate across all subjects and all years.